Jeremy Monfries

Jeremy Monfries

Lead Product/UX/UI

I’m a designer with 20 years experience working internationally in a variety of multinational businesses. I’m passionate about creating human-centred, highly-usable digital experiences.

Skilled and experienced in:

Product Design | UX Strategy | User Experience Design | User-centred Design | Design Management | Design Strategy | User Interface Design | eCommerce | Interaction Design | Mobile Applications | Design Systems | Product Strategy | Visual Design | Interaction Design | Wireframes | Prototyping | Customer Insights | Information Architecture | Requirements Gathering | Storytelling | User Research | User Testing | Product Management | Human Centred Design | Design Thinking | Data Analysis | Agile Methodologies | Team Leadership

eCommerce - Global Checkout

Create a new frictionless checkout experience that works on all devices

Role: Team Lead, Lead Product Designer

The Project: NortonLifeLock required an updated checkout experience as the existing experience was not optimised for all NortonLifeLock customers and no longer appropriate for changes within the broader business.

How I helped: As the Lead UX Designer, I was responsible for the evangelizing internally on the project, overall user experience and visual design of the project. I worked with a UX Designer, a Product Manager, and 3 developers to ensure the project stayed on track. We collaborated directly with various senior stakeholders across the business to manage expectations and keep them informed of the project's progress. This project was high profile and significant, as the checkout is where NortonLifeLock customers purchase all products.

Design System - NortonLifeLock

Create a design system for the team to use to rapidly build out checkout flows

The Project: The checkout had a significant number of possible variations, servicing a number of different brands under the NortonLifeLock company. There were flows in acquisition, retention, up-sells, cross-sells, in-client and white labelling. To accomodate all these possibilities, we needed a flexible design system that would allow the design team to build out flows rapidly.

How I helped: I was the Lead Designer, translating the existing brand into the checkout components, creating all asset variations and testing basic implementations to ensure it worked for all flows as well as being ADA and WCAG Accessibility compliant. Later on I helped integrate this design system with a new universal design system for the whole company.

B2B - Blackwoods

UX analysis of the Blackwoods site and suggest improvements

The Project: Blackwoods approached me to look at their existing web experience (primarily on desktops and laptops) and identify areas we could improve the overall customer experience. There were a number of UX issues they had identified through internal analysis and their customer support team, but they also wanted me to do a deeper dive and find other issues they might not be aware of.

How I helped: I worked as a UX consultant, doing analysis and applying best practice to the most pressing UX issues we identified through workshops with internal teams within the business.

Mobile Gaming - Torque Drift

Cutting-edge car drifting game featuring online racing

The Project: A new mobile game featuring high-octane car drifting experience that would feature fierce online head-to-head drift racing.

How I helped: As a business partner and the Head of UX, my main responsibility was to design the overall user experience of the game, including the interface, navigation, and flow, with the goal of making it visually dynamic, easy to use and understand, and providing a positive and enjoyable experience for the player. In addition to this, I also served as a business partner, helping with game conceptualiwation, design, mechanics, and user experience. My role also included securing funding, forming partnerships and collaborations, and generating revenue for the project. Furthermore, I assisted with the marketing and promotion strategy, product development, and business strategy.